Excavating Trien Tranh relic

Trien Tranh relic is in Duy Trinh commune, Duy Xuyên district (Quang Nam province). It was found at the end of August 2014 by the construction units of Da Nang – Quang Ngai highway with a lot of ancient artefacts such as tiles, bricks…
Since December, 2014, Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism has assigned Institute of Archaeology and Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism to excavate this area. At the relic, excavated area is about 3,000m2 with 27 holes. According to the inscriptions in Tra Kieu church, Trien Tranh is Cham Pa cultural relic from 10th to 11th centuries, which was ranked the provincial relic. This is a ruin whose foundation belonged to a temple.

Source: Baoquangnam

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