Champa Ports


The Champa Ports project

The Campa Ports project is currently being conducted by Do Truong Giang(akaAlexGiang), who is a Vietnamese PhD candidate at the National University of Singapore. This thesis proposes an alternative discourse of Campa history and aims at integrating the history of Campa into a larger context of regional and global history in particular the integration of Campa into international economic systems.


Campa’s mercantile ports served as the first stop-over for ships sailing from China to Malacca, the Gulf of Thailand, or a closer destination being the lower Mekong delta area, which once belonged to the kingdom of Funan during the first seven centuries CE. From an essential transportation hub, the coastal areas of Campa soon developed into a trade hub, where local produce and products would be exchanged with international ships that were passing by. That Campa came to be known as a transportation hub and later a trading and cultural hub was attributed not only to its geographical position but also to the fact that it was home to communities of people with their own state and a thriving culture in ancient time. Because of its important position on the international East-West route, this region was a regular stop-over for ships of the East Asian maritime trading system.

At the beginning stage, Alex Giang will pay most attention to study three major mercantile ports on the coast of ancient mandala Campa, namely Dai Chiem/Hoi An port in present-day Quang Nam Province, Co Luy port in present-day QuangNgai province and ThiNai/Nuoc Man port in present-day BinhDinh Province (See the above Map)


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