Champa Download

Dân tộc Chàm lược sử by Dohamide and Dorohiem

Vietnam-Champa Relations and the Malay-Islam Regional Network in the 17th–19th Centuries by Danny Wong Tze Ken

The Nguyen and Champa during 17th and 18th Century – A Study of Nguyen Foreign Relations by Danny Wong Tze Ken

Vương Quốc Champa – Địa Dư, Dân Cư và Lịch Sử by Gs. Ts. P-B. Lafont

Vương quốc Champa Lịch sử 33 năm cuối cùng 1802-1835 by Pgs. Ts. Po Dharama

The Cham of Vietnam

Champa Revised by M.Vickery

Cultural Resource and Heritage Issues of Historic Champa States: Champa Origins, Reconfirmed Nomenclatures and Preservation of Sites by Tran Ky Phuong

The My Son and Po Nagar Nha Trang Sanctuaries: On the Cosmological Dualist Cult of the Champa Kingdom in Central Vietnam as Seen from Art and Anthropology by Tran Ky Phuong

Champa in Tang Texts by Geoffrey Goble

Champa in the Song hui-yao: A Draft Translation by Geoff Wade

The Ming shi Account of Champa by Geoff Wade

Buddhism in Champa by Anne-Valerie Schweyer

History of Champa by Po Dharma and B.Lafont

Champa studies Copenhagen

Revisiting Cham Ethnic Identity, Mohamed Effendy Bin Abdul Hamid

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